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About Me

About Me

Photography has long been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. I grew up with the polaroid camera not everyone’s cup of tea. What I mostly enjoyed about the polaroid camera is that you can take a picture and within a few minutes the image starts to develop just like magic or science. One of my fond memories of the polaroid camera was developing my own images. I remember the fun part for me was shaking the plain white photo paper that shot out from the camera when a photo was taken. You can see the photo coming to life little by little. For instance ahead will appear then arm will appear slowing but surely with patience a full picture starts to emerge. Providing that you did not touch the developing image which on occasions I smudged the picture whilst the photo was coming to life as they say Rome was not built in a day and practice makes perfect so I am told.

My path to photography has been different one I studied fashion design at the London College of Fashion. I learnt a lot especially about textures, patterns colours and how different concepts can go together. This has been the foundation towards how I do my photography I particularly like black and white photograph’s. It gives more depth to a picture especially when applied to a portrait which is my core speciality. A black and white photo can be very flattering to a subject and/also change the whole photo. This is very apparent in Street photography which is another passion of mine (view my street photography section prints are for sale) the use of black and white gives a photo a more earthy and gritty feel.

I see myself as more of a people’s person the enjoyment of meeting people from all walks of life excites me. Having studied psychology I am able to communicate well and bring out the best in people when taking a photo. What I strive to do is to bring out a person’s personality and show it through a photo. I enjoy when people look at their picture and see themselves in a totally different way to what they thought they can be. My thought is capturing a moment is to capture a memory that lasts a lifetime.

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